Who is a linkbuilder?

External links are a useful detail of internet marketing. Search engines perceive a large number of links on a page as an indicator of the authority of the site, and therefore promote it. For a website, links are a way to advertise other resources, which is also very useful.

Placing external links naturally is a time-consuming process that does not always meet expectations. Even among web resources that do not apply external optimization and have existed for several years, there are few who can boast an extensive number of external links.

New projects, either have no external links at all, or their number is extremely small. Nevertheless, it is important that these sites achieve a high ranking in search engines as early as possible.


What is link building?

SEO link building is a strategy of external optimization of a website. The essence of linkbuilding is the formation of an external network of links to the resource, including the search for sources, placing backlinks and analyzing their effectiveness.

Now linkbuilding is very popular, which means that quality linkbuilders are in short supply.

Linkbuilder is a specialist who provides outreach link services and responsible for the formation of the link profile of the site. During the promotion process, it is important to achieve a large number and quality of backlinks.

Backlinks from questionable and overloaded with spam resources, can lead to poor evaluation by search engines.

Link building campaign

The first step before starting an external optimization strategy is to develop a plan. This plan usually includes the following steps:1. Sorting links by type: permanent links, rented links, crowdsourced links, links from social networks and others.
2. Selecting landing pages on the site that will attract external links.
3. Creating a list of texts with keywords for links.
4. Developing a schedule and determining the frequency of link placement.
5. Calculating the budget for purchasing links.

Buying links

At this stage, it is important to find resources to post backlinks. Some highly visited websites provide the opportunity to post articles with links to your site – its calling “guest posting”. Other online resources are interested in exchanging links and quality guest posting.

Usually, the terms of posting and cost can be discussed via email or phone number listed in the contact information of the resource you want to link to.

Another common option is to use guest post outreach services such as Sape, GoGetLinks, Miralinks. These platforms act as intermediaries between donor sites and acceptor sites.

The advantages of SEO guest posting services include a large catalog of available sites, the ability to set search criteria, a convenient system of link acquisition and project management through personal accounts on the site. In addition, they provide functions of automatic purchase of links, for example, as it does the guest posting service Wizard.Sape.

Control and analysis

Building a quality link structure requires constant monitoring, including the following aspects:1. Evaluating the subject matter and authority of donor sources.2. Checking the placement of links.3. Ensuring that new links are indexed.4. Monitoring the integrity and relevance of links.

Analyzing backlinks and tracking changes in search engine rankings allow a linkbuilder to evaluate the effectiveness of his work. Based on the collected data, the specialist creates reports.