8 February 2024

Common mistakes of non-profit organisations

The work of an NGO is a complex process with many factors, which is often managed not by professionals but by ordinary activists on a voluntary basis. That is why NGOs often make mistakes that can be easily corrected, which can significantly increase the organisation's effectiveness.

Over the years of working with non-profit organisations, we have come up with a list of the most common mistakes NGOs make that should be corrected immediately to improve their effectiveness.

Insufficient planning and monitoring

All NGO activities require a clear definition of goals, objectives, strategies, resources, timelines and expected results. Without proper planning, NGOs risk losing focus, effectiveness, transparency and connection with their target groups and partners. In addition, NGOs should regularly monitor and evaluate their activities to track progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, address challenges and make necessary adjustments.

Tip: Use a variety of planning and monitoring methods and tools, such as a logical framework, SWOT analysis, SMART criteria, balance sheet, theory of change, etc. Involve your staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, donors and other stakeholders in planning and monitoring. Document and report on your activities using quantitative and qualitative data.

Incorrect promotion on social media

Most organisations have a social media presence - it's free to set up an account and easy to maintain. Creating a page and posting information about your activities is the minimum, but why not go the extra mile?

Tip: A successful website needs a memorable design, interesting content and regular updates about your activities. You can handle the last two: no one knows more about your organisation than you do, but for the first point, hire a freelancer to develop a unique design for you that will attract more donors. It's not that expensive, but it will set your organisation apart from the rest.

Ignoring grant programmes

Grants are one of the most effective ways to obtain funding for your projects and initiatives, but many NGOs do not know how to find and apply for them. This can lead to the loss of valuable opportunities and resources, as organisations can never go wrong with help.

Tip: Our agency specialises in applying for a Google grant for non-profit organisations.
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Improper donor engagement

Most organisations continue to raise funds in the old-fashioned way - by simply distributing links to donations. But current trends show that this way is extremely inefficient.

Tip: To raise funds, use targeted advertising, P2P fundraising, sponsorship subscriptions, crowdfunding, auctions and events.

Refusing to create a website

Even today, there is a stereotype that a website is expensive and only large companies and organisations need one. But this is a misconception, as website development and maintenance is a fairly automated process today and does not require large investments. Moreover, a website will greatly help to promote your organisation and will be able to recoup this investment.

Tip: Usually, NGOs need simple websites, the development and maintenance of which costs disproportionately less than the profit they generate. A website opens up great opportunities to raise funds and promote your activities.

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